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Social Impact

Since 2016 Arts Uplift CIC has impacted many people and communities.

94 dance workshops
181 music workshops
178 Storytelling workshops
15 performances
19,763 audience

Worked with;

900 adults
143 children and young people
25 partners
34 artists
6 students
15 volunteers


Evaluation and monitoring of a project is really important to evidence the health or heritage outcome of any project.

Arts Uplift is experienced in how to evaluate arts projects for health and heritage outcomes and uses a mixture of evaluation forms such as WEMWBS (Warwick-Edinburgh mental well being scale) for mental well being outcomes, observations, interviews, photographs and when funding allows documentary film.

Please select a link for the evaluation/evidence of past projects.

Suitcase Stories Warwickshire Evaluation

Grown ups and Wigglers report

Suitcase Stories Evaluation

Wychavon arts and crafts and reminiscence project in care homes


Children & Young People



Students & Volunteers