Past Projects

Suitcase Stories Warwickshire

We were awarded funding from South Warwickshire CCG and Warwickshire County Council to run 10 weeks of reminiscence and music workshops for people living with dementia and their carers at Alcester and Kenilworth libraries. Orchestra of the Swan were our musicians and Warwickshire Reminiscence Action Project provided our handling objects and reminiscence workers. Each week was a different theme from work, school, holidays and dressing up and going out etc! The musicians played music based on the theme and encouraged people to sing along and dance. The handling objects sparked memories also from the 40’s, 50′ and 60’s. There was also a chance to socialise with others over a cup of tea and biscuits.

Alcester library from 10.30am to 12.30pm and Kenilworth library from 2-4pm

Thursdays 2,9,16,23,30 May 6,13 June 4,11,18 July 2019

Suitcase Stories Warwickshire film

Inclusively Anjali

We ran contemporary dance workshops over the summer holidays for children and young people with additional needs or a disability thanks to funding from Arts Council England and Stratford Lions. In partnership with Entrust Care Partnership participants worked with 2 dancers from Anjali Dance Company who specialise in performing contemporary dance with adults with learning disabilities. They explored new skills and made new friends and worked towards a celebratory performance at Warwick Hall, Warwick School on 1st August. There was a refresher day on 29 October also and a visit to Anjali’s dance show at Warwick Arts Centre. It was a wonderful project and everyone had a great time.

Feedback from the parents and children and young people

He had “more confidence, he can do things without me staying to support”

“It lets her be herself and make friends. She gets excited to attend.”

“J loved the workshops. It has helped J to form some special relationships without my having to be present.”

“It was amazing he came to the first day and wanted to come back.  He has learnt to follow instructions from people he is not familiar with. I feel more confident to try new things with him”

“J came home positive, energised. He choreographed the final dance routine and made up a visual programme of all the dances.”

Suitcase Stories

Building on the success of the last reminiscence and arts project in care homes in Wychavon, Suitcase stories enabled 77 adults living with dementia and their carers in six Worcestershire locations to relive memories from the 40s, 50s and 60s using objects from Museums Worcestershire handling collection. The themes of the objects were work, holidays, hair and beauty, family and nature and all of the objects came in suitcases. From these memories new stories about Worcestershire’s past have been sourced and written. These were performed in six local dementia cafes by a professional storyteller Gavin Young and musician Gemma Young and were recorded by Ade Holbrook for audio uses. These activities will enable Museums Worcestershire to reach out to more audiences. They will also have a lasting new resource through the cd’s and podcasts created. Tickets were £2 per person per week which included refreshments.

The workshops took place for 6 weeks at each project across the County;

Malvern Cube, Malvern  from October 2016

The Commandery, Worcester from October  2016

Avoncroft Museum, Bromsgrove from October 2016

The Museum of Carpet, Kidderminster-Mondays from 6 February 2017 10am to 12 noon

Forge Mill museum, Redditch-Mondays from 6 February 2017 from 2-4pm

Evesham Library-Thursdays from 9 February 2017 from, 12-2pm

The first three recordings of the stories from, Malvern, Worcester and Bromsgrove are here

All six of the stories are here 

The short film of the project is here

The project was supported by Arts Council England, The Elmley Foundation, Worcestershire County Council, Worcestershire Arts Partnership, Malvern Hills DC, Wychavon DC, Bromsgrove and Redditch BC, Wyre Forest DC, Worcester City DC

Compton Verney Lantern Parade

On Saturday 12 November 2016 the Compton Verney Lantern Parade happened as part of the Light-In project. Arts Uplift provided the visual artists Fran Godwin and Lisa Broughton to run lantern making workshops with 3 youth clubs in the area, Wellesbourne, Lillington and Shipston. They were tasked with creating something based on Capability Brown and the landscape of Compton Verney. The young people created all sorts of animals and Lisa Broughton was commissioned to create a centre piece which was a beautiful tawny owl! The young people thoroughly enjoyed themselves and were amazed by the colourful lighting of the building and the fire breathers and dance artists. Thanks to Fran Godwin for some of the photos.

Music workshops for older people

Tristan Pate ran a great music and singing workshop for the Dystonia Society in October. The feedback was brilliant and all thoroughly enjoyed themselves and joined in.

Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap was an intergenerational residency project between St Mary’s Primary School and sheltered housing residents from Rooftop Housing in Broadway. The aim of the project was for the young people to gather Information about WW1 and other wars from the older people and research how Broadway was connected to the wars. This was done with the help of Rhubarb Rhubarb Creatives.

Singer/songwriter Deborah Rose and Martin Riley worked with the young people to write and produce their own songs based on the research and interviews. These were performed at the school, The Court sheltered housing and the beautiful Broadway Museum and Art Gallery as part of Evesham Festival of Words. Many thanks to Rooftop Housing, Wychavon DC, Worcestershire County Council and Evesham Festival of Words for supporting the project.

Mrs Corke Year 5/6 teacher “this has been one of the best things we have done at this school. Thank you for such a fantastic few weeks”
Year 5/6 pupil “they have inspired me” (the artists)
Year 5/6 pupil “it was interesting to listen to the stories from WW1 and WW2”
Year 5/6 pupil “it was fun, it got me over a couple of fears and it was amazing being able to express myself” (about performing)
Year 5/6 pupil “one of the best mornings/afternoons ever!” (about the poetry and interviewing)
Veteran “absolutely wonderful” (about being interviewed)
Veteran, I enjoyed “being able to  convey to the children my war time experience”

The War Songs



Once upon a time

Ken got shot in the leg

He was a soldier

South Wales Borderer

2ndBattalion World War One

Brave as can be he got sent to Italy

To a war camp faraway

Every night he would pray


War is a tragedy 

In the name of our majesty 

War is a tragedy 

In the name of our majesty 

Oh war

Oh war


When he was at war

There was a deadly gas attack

Yelling, screaming, shouting, crying

Snipers, guns, exploding frags

Dead men were all around

Drowning in the haunting sounds

Rashes and blisters from the smoke

One by one the soldiers choked


Six months on Ken was missing

Presumed dead

His family mourned 

A telegram filled with dread


Until one day there was a knock on the door

Ken’s coming home for good

He lays his guns down on the floor

His mother is amazed

Tears of joy she cries

My son he is alive

A miracle before our eyes

(But it doesn’t always end this way….)


My Name Is Leonard William

I was there bent double gazing straight at death

‘Twas my mate there taking his final breath

As he fell from the fire on to the ground

The laughter of the enemy was the only sound

My name is Leonard William

His name is Leonard William


I fought many battles on land and sea

13 medals of honour were given to me

And of all the places in the world that I saw

It was home my heart was longing for

My name is Leonard William

His name is Leonard William
It was 10 years later he was back on the seas

When crashing waves were lashing down on he

“Hey quick boys” he shouted as he gasped for breath

He knew he couldn’t take much more as he faced death

My name is Leonard William

His name is Leonard William


Letting go was easy as the pressure pushed down

Although he made it home to his dear old town

All his families eyes were filled with tears

Looking back he had struggled through all these years


My name was Leonard William

His name was Leonard William

My name was Leonard William

His name was Leonard William

Grown Ups and Wigglers

Grown ups and Wigglers was a fun dance and movement class for under 5’s and their parents, it was fully inclusive. The idea is that the class strengthens the bond between the parent and toddler and develops the toddlers co-ordination, and balance as well as the parent taking gentle exercise and keeping fit. There is a short refreshment break to enable the parents/carers to socialise and share stories.

We received funding from Wychavon District Council and Vale of Evesham Network of Artists to run three of these classes in Evesham, Pershore and Droitwich Spa. Classes also ran at Cherry Orchard 1st School, Inkberrow 1st School and Bengeworth 1st School on a Friday after school.

We also received funding from Rugby Borough Council to run a pilot Grown Ups and Wigglers in Rugby for seven sessions at Rugby art gallery and museum! They were on Friday’s from 10 February 2017 from 10-11am for £3.50 per session (£1.50 concessions). Additional support was available for children with additional needs from Entrust Care Partnership. We have been lucky enough to get more funding from Health Thrive, the Health Lottery. The classes are on a Friday morning from 10am to 11am at Rugby Baptist Church and costs £1 per family per week.

Also Arts Council England and Warwick and Leamington District Council also gave us funding to run some more of these classes in Warwick and Stratford Upon Avon on Mondays (St Paul’s church, Warwick 10-11am) and Fridays (Tyler House, Stratford Upon Avon 9.30-10.30am). £3.50 per session (£1.50 concussions). Additional support was available for children with additional needs from Entrust Care Partnership. The sessions were run by Kath Kimber-McTiffin from Wriggle Dance Theatre.

Please follow this link to to see our short film

For more information and to keep up to date with Grown Ups and Wigglers