Arts for Dementia Warwickshire

Arts for Dementia Warwickshire

Arts for Dementia Warwickshire is a new arts programme for people living with dementia and their carers living in Warwickshire in the community, in In Patient wards and also in care homes. It has been commissioned by Warwickshire County Council. It will be varied programme for 1.5 years including singing, performance poetry, arts and crafts, dance/movement, storytelling and reminiscence therapy. Alongside this there will be some training for care staff as well.

The arts are proven to improve well-being, cognitive mental health and reduce isolation and loneliness. See our Impact studies on the Impact page. You do not need a diagnosis of dementia to attend. if you have any access needs please do let us know and we can see how we can help.

Community Programme October 2021-December 2022
Singing, Reminiscence, Storytelling
Leaflet is HERE

Transport information
If you do not drive or can’t get public transport then contact VASA the community transport organisation for Warwickshire and they can help.

Contact 07946 585978 for more information

Inside Stories 3

Inside Stories 3

Funded by The National Lottery Community Fund Inside Stories 3 is a series of 6 weeks arts workshops for people with mental health issues (anxiety, depression, low mood etc.) such as Script-Writing for Well Being, Well Being Choir, Song-Writing and Storytelling.

For more information contact Jenny Davis, Arts Uplift 07946 585978

To book go to and search for the start date

Well Being Choir- Thursdays 7.15-8.30pm 16 September to 21 October ONLINE
Join Claire Fowler at the well-being choir for 6 weeks and boost your mood and well-being as you sing to familiar songs together. This choir is suitable for beginners and you don’t need to be a brilliant singer just the willingness to have a go! There is lots of evidence that singing can help with low mood, anxiety and depression.

Leaflet HERE

Song-writing for Well Being Thursdays 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th November 2nd, 9th December 7-8.30pm
This 6 week course which will give you real insight into how to write songs from inception to the completed song.This will give you a platform to say what you want to say. It will be a journey of self discovery and enrichment through music and lyric making.

The sessions will be fun and rewarding serving as a great introduction to the art of song; to help you to create the best versions of the songs that speak through you. We will look at different examples of good songwriting from different artists in styles and genres. You will be assisted though simple exercises that look at lyric creation and musical connections. To learn and develop skills (sometimes without even realising) in a practical way.

By the end of week 6 you will have a complete song of your own (maybe more!).

What you will need –
A mobile phone or device that you can record ideas onto and bring to the class. (If you have a computer at home with some music software on it then that is great but not essential at this stage)
An openness to learning
Some musical experience is welcome but not essential

Learning outcomes
To cultivate more confidence and skill as a songwriter

How to get started. Inspiration and overcoming stumbling blocks. Creating from what we find, creating from what we plant.

To understand some standard song forms and understanding different sections of a song.

How to tell your story through song which will help with your mental health

An introduction to basic computer sequencing skills, how to layer tracks and choose suitable rhythms

How we perform and share our songs.

Aimed at This course is aimed at anyone looking to find creative coping strategies that can improve mental wellbeing.

Course Tutors Professional Artist from Arts Uplift and support volunteer

Duration Six, 1½ hour sessions over consecutive weeks

ONLINE Storytelling for Well Being Thursdays 13,20,27 January 3,10,17 February 2022 7-8.30pm
In this short online course Holly will talk about the significance of stories in our society, before learning simple techniques for weaving our own tales. We will look at how we can use storytelling to reframe life events, build confidence, process our emotions around past life events and to connect with others. Slowly through the weeks we will build on our stories, developing new skills as we go. By the end of the course each participant will have learnt how to tell a compelling story that draws in an audience, as well as exploring ways we can perform our stories to others.

Learning outcomes

To understand and discuss the construction of stories as well as having a good understanding of the practice of storytelling.

To design your own story, have a good understanding of how a compelling story is structured and create some well developed and engaging characters.

They understand how storytelling techniques can be used to support your own wellbeing.

Aimed at This course is aimed at anyone looking to find creative coping strategies that can improve mental wellbeing.

Course Tutors Professional Artist from Arts Uplift and support volunteer

Duration Six, 1½ hour sessions over consecutive weeks





Warwickshire Pandemic Stories

Warwickshire Pandemic Stories

Arts Uplift CIC have been commissioned by Warwickshire County Council to deliver 3 exhibitions and related engagement activities from 3 artists with different approaches and disciplines that will tell stories of the pandemic, so far, from the point of view of new mothers, NHS frontline staff, those who shielded, older people, neighbourhood communities & ethnically diverse communities from across Warwickshire, displayed in 6 Towns. Arts Uplift  will reach out to participants from the wider Warwickshire community across all age groups & generations. Each strand will be structured by the artist and infilled organically by participants, enabling the final exhibitions to be relevant, give a sense of place & community, and a visual display of shared experiences & emotions. The commissioned artists are Julia Snowdin, Creative Solutions and Michelle Flint.

If you would like to know more about the project then contact 07946 585978

Exhibition for Leamington and Rugby commissioned by Creative Solutions, Jacqui and David Grange

The interviews
David interviewed people from NHS frontline staff, people that were shielding, older people and people from Black or Asian communities. They brought in an object that represents the pandemic for them that will stimulated conversation. These conversations were filmed and he took a studio photo of the person as well as audio recordings. These will be archived for the Warwickshire museums collections. The Interviews took place in July and August 2021.

The exhibition
Jacqui will then use those stories gathered and interpret them in to a 3d art installation approximately 75cm wide. The installation will use text & images based on the stories gathered to include light, projection and sound. The final artwork will be based on the stories gathered, and is likely to include powerful text statements from people’s testimonies and a combination of drawn and photographed elements, in 3D format. The artists will print onto diebond/transparent signwriters vinyl onto transparent polycarbonate – to create high quality professional/non fade images.

The Exhibition piece will likely be an immersive, colourful experience for audiences, reflecting the powerful image from lockdown of the “Rainbow”, displayed at Warwick Tourist Information Centre and Rugby Library, with audiences able to comment on the exhibition through a Comment Book & Social Media Channels.

The installation will be shown from 9th November 2021 to mid January 2022 and then in a second location from mid January 2022 to end of March 2022.

Exhibitions for Atherstone and Bedworth commissioned by Julia Snowdin

The workshops
The workshops will take place with community groups that engage with new mums. Julia will run two workshops, one in Atherstone and one in Bedworth to engage with different diversities. This is to see if the experience has differed for different groups. In the workshops the mums will be invited to freely chat about their experience, Julia will facilitate this and be able emphasise with them as she had her own baby in January 2021. The conservations will be recorded with the help of Warwickshire museum staff and she will write a blog after the workshops for the museum archive. To create a relaxed atmosphere, she will lead some simple circular drawing and painting activities. For the activity she will ask the mums to think about themselves as a circle and the ‘village’ they have or haven’t had supporting them over the last year and how this has felt. These paintings and drawings will influence how the circular forms are laid out in the installation. The paintings and drawings can be added to the museum archive.

The workshops will take place during July and August 2021 in a group of up to 10 to make them as safe as possible during the pandemic. She will provide each participant with their own equipment to work with to stop cross contamination. She will set the space up to allow for social distancing. She will do a full Covid-19 risk assessment that follows the government guidelines for both the workshops.

Read Julia’s blog HERE about the workshops

The exhibition

‘It takes a village to raise a baby’. During the pandemic women have being having babies on their own without a village to support them. There are some positives to this, in the first few weeks families have been able to bond on their own without a flurry of visitors. There are definitely negatives too, when it gets too much friends and family can’t come into your home to help. Julia wants to explore the experience of having a baby during Covid-19 and really focusing on the saying ‘it takes a village to raise a baby’ and how this has affected families both positively and negativing and then make an artwork in response to this.

The artwork will be a hanging light installation that will be showed outside, in the town centres of Atherstone and Bedworth. The installation will be made from circular forms to represent the mums and their new families. The circles will be connected to further circular forms, the amount each circle is attached to will differ depending on the amount of connections that the mum has had. The colours of each form will be either a positive coloured light (yellow) to depict a positive experience or a negative coloured (red) to show a negative experience.

During the winter months the installation will create a playful, warming visual in the town centre’s for visitors to admire and to think about the experience that new mothers have had during the pandemic. The installation will be shown in the town centre’s that the workshops took place. The installation will be installed high up, out of reach of the audience. It will be installed outside in an open space so it can be viewed with social distancing.

Picture by Julia Snowdin to give an example of what the exhibition might look like

Exhibitions for Stratford Upon Avon and Nuneaton commissioned by Michelle Flint

The Workshops
Michelle will deliver 6 x 2hr workshops (3 in Stratford and 3 in the Nuneaton area) for communities that have been using the Stratford and Nuneaton foodbank and also from culturally diverse communities . Participants in the workshops will be asked to share their experiences and stories of lockdown and through the pandemic and express those on to paper through mono printing, painting and collage. These artworks will then be photographed and incorporated into the design. The original artwork will be created into a concertina type book. Participants will also be asked to bring along an object which represents the pandemic to them. Workshops will take place in July and August 2021. No experience is necessary.

The exhibition
In response to the discussions and works created during workshops, 1 exhibition of a large embroidered textile wall hanging 3m x 1.5m will be displayed in the windows of vacant retail units in Stratford-upon-Avon & Nuneaton. The artwork will feature a scene from the towns where the activities are based, themes discussed in the workshops will create artworks which will be incorporated throughout the design with fabric pockets designed for letters or artefacts (or photos of them) placed in them.

The original artwork will also be printed onto two vinyl banners, to preserve the art work for an Outdoor Display. They can be hung from trees in parks or displayed on street advertising boards. The exhibition will either be displayed November 2021 to mid January 2022 or mid January 2022 to end of March 2022.

Pictures by Michelle Flint to give an example of the type of exhibition it will be


The Mindfully Creative Programme

The Mindfully Creative Programme

The Mindfully Creative Programme

Stay Calm and Connected and get Creative – from Home!

Are you anxious, fearful or feeling low about all the uncertainty at this time? Would you like to improve your mental health, build resilience and become more creative?

Use your imagination and your smartphone or camera to explore creative ways of seeing and experiencing what is happening around you and improve your mental health and resilience at the same time.

This booklet offers a selection of arts activities to be done mindfully to help improve your mental well-being, including a 7 day Re-frame Your Now Mindful Photography taster by Ruth Davey from Look Again and video links to music, visual arts and crafts activities for you to do at home.

The activities will help you:

  1. slow down your mind and stay calm
  1. deal with some of the fear and anxiety you may be feeling
  1. build resilience and become more adaptable
  1. create your personal photo story, music or artwork
  1. take positive action

All you need is your eyes, a smartphone or camera, simple art materials and an open mind.

This is a FREE resource for you to use during the Coronavirus Pandemic, thanks to funding from Warwickshire County Council for those that are currently shielding and with a disability in Warwickshire, for children, young people and adults. Click HERE for the pdf version.

Click HERE for the Hand-Sewing for Mindfulness resources

Contact Jenny for a copy of the booklet 07946 585978